Yuma County Advisory Council

Each County Advisory Council comprises one-third elected officials, one-third low income representatives, and one-third private community representatives. Representatives from the County Advisory Council serve on the tri-partite Community Action Board, providing governance to WACOG’s Community Action Programs.

Martin Porchas Elected Official Yuma County
Karen Watts Elected Official City of Yuma
Gloria Torres Elected Official San Luis
Martha Garcia Elected Official Somerton
VACANT Elected Official Wellton
Nancy Ramirez Low Income Representative Somerton
VACANT Low Income Representative Wellton
Rev. Alex Montoya Low Income Representative City of Yuma
Delfina Sloan Low Income Head Start City of Yuma
Marlon Madison Low Income Representative City of Yuma
VACANT Private Community Somerton
Vickie Bornt Private Community Wellton
Aracely De La Hoya Private Community San Luis
VACANT Private Community Yuma County
VACANT Private Community City of Yuma