Utility Assistance

The WACOG Utility Assistance Program provides assistance in paying utility bills to low-income households. Staff and volunteers take applications at numerous locations throughout La Paz, Mohave, and Yuma Counties. WACOG Case Workers assist home-bound applicants when necessary.

It is important to WACOG to meet the needs of as many people as possible within Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave County. We take this obligation extremely seriously and attempt to develop the most efficient and effective procedures that will allow the equality of distribution of funds.

This is important because the huge demands placed upon this service and there is no alternative funding source to meet this particular need within our communities.

Utility Assistance funds will be utilized to provide the following services:


  • Utility payment for heating/cooling bill assistance
    • Electric
    • Gas 
    • Propane
    • Wood/Coal
  • Water bills (related to evaporative cooling for bills incurred for the months of May 1st through October 31 for Mohave County only
  • Payments to Landlords (when utility costs are included in rent) must have a lease agreement. 


Policy Change Effective 12/19/2014

Scheduling Procedure:

WACOG uses a first come first serve process but will initiate triage and priority protocols when capacity or funding deficits exists in order to meet the most vulnerable client needs first.  Clients are given the next available appointment at the point of initial contact.  This practice is the same in La Paz, Mohave and Yuma County Locations. 

Call-in Day Procedure:

  • Phone lines open on days shown only.
  • Appointments will be given over the phone.
  • Appointments are given based on priority protocol.
  • Appointments are limited.

Documentation Needed For Utility Assistance On Electricity and/Or Gas

# 1    This requirement is for the APPLICANT ONLY, you must bring Proof of U.S Citizenship or lawful permanent residency, for example: Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, USA Passport, Social Security Award Letter If receiving Social Security Benefits or Permanent Resident Card (the applicant MUST be Resident for more than 5 years to be eligible).

# 2    Applicant’s Arizona State Driver’s License/AZ DMV ID OR Proof of AZ Residency & picture ID.

# 3    Bring Social Security Cards for All household members (including the applicant)

# 4    Bring Documentation of GROSS Income from ALL household members received in the 30 days prior to and including appointment date.

# 5    Bring the most recent Utility bills for Electric/Gas and Water, including shut off warning/red door hanger. (If you are disconnected you must bring a document from your Gas/Electric Company with the exact amount needed to reconnect your service. 

All Account holders must sign a Utility Release Authorization form at the time of the appointment

 The following is ONLY APPLICABLE if you are paying the utilities to your Landlord, you need to request from WACOG a Notice of Late Utilities form and a W-9-Form, your landlord must fill this out and you must bring this to your appointment.  Please call our office at (928) 753-6247 to request these forms as soon as possible.

# 6    You must bring documentation to prove the hardship that caused you fall behind with your utilities.  (For example: receipts of unexpected expenses, Loss of income, police report, etc.) 

If you are missing any of these documents at the time of your appointment you will need to request another appointment thru our call in day system.



Call and leave a message at 1-877-829-2264 from Monday- Friday from 8am-5pm.

Please leave a message with your full name and telephone number and a Case Manager will return your call within 2 business days to set up on an appointment.

Appointments will be scheduled every Tuesday.


Call Every Friday                                 


(855) 433-4989



Yuma/Somerton/San Luis, AZ/Gadsden                                      

Call Every Friday


(928) 782-3462    



Call to set up Appointment  

(928) 819-8999

(Partner: Sunset Community Health Center)

Water Assistance Program

City of Yuma customers:

How to apply:  Please call WACOG for an appointment during call in day listed above. If you are a customer with a red bill please call City Of Yuma at (928) 373-5076 to be referred to us.

City of Somerton customers: 

How to apply:  Please call City of Somerton at: (928)722-7344 to be referred to us.