Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The WACOG Transportation Program includes the development of a four year local Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which allocates federal funds for local street and road projects.  The TIP is updated with amendments several times a year, and a new TIP is developed annually for the following year.

The WACOG region is apportioned approximately 1.0 million dollars of federal Surface Transportation funds to help La Paz and Mohave Counties, and their communities with local roadway projects.

Projects on the TIP must be fiscally constrained to the apportionment or allocation of funding, such as STBG and other funds.  All other TIP project funds are grant funded and therefore constrained by the grant award.

Other funding sources listed on the WACOG TIP are:

  • Highway Safety Improvement Projects
  • Transportation Alternative Projects
  • Federal Highway (FHWA & Emergency Relief Projects)
  • Federal Transit Administration Projects
  • Bridge Projects


WACOG TIP FY 20-26 – 23.07.21

WACOG Transportation Projects Dashboard

WACOG TIP Amendments: 

FY2023 WACOG TIP Amendments

Transportation Funding Opportunities Schedule:

Program Status Open Close Match Required For More Information
ADOT Off-System Bridge Open 10/24/23 12/30/23 5.7% STBG / 0% BFP OSB
Bridge Investment Program (BIP) Closed 9/27/23 12/4/23 50% Large Bridge; 20% Bridge Projects; 10% Off System Bridge BIP
Multimodal Projects Discretionary Grant (MPDG) Program – (RURAL, MEGA, INFRA) Closed 6/26/23 8/21/23 20%  MPDG


Protecting Resilient Operations (PROTECT) Program Closed 4/21/23 8/18/23 Planning – 0%

Resilience and Evacuation – 20%

Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity -RAISE Discretionary Grant Program Open 11/30/23 2/28/24 20% RAISE
Railroad Crossing Elimination Program Closed 7/6/22 10/4/22 20% RCE
Reconnecting Communities & Neighborhoods (RCN) Program
Closed 7/25/23 9/28/23 Planning – 20%

Capitol Construction – 50% ($5 Million minimum)

Rural & Tribal Assistance Pilot Program Open 8/14/23 9/28/23 0% RTPP
Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Program Closed February 2024 20% SS4A
Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program Closed 8/4/23 8/31/23 5.7% TA
Tribal Transportation Program Safety Fund Open 10/01/23 1/15/24 0% TTP


Transportation Funding Opportunities Calendar:



Highway Safety Improvement Program FY27/28 Application Process Webinar:

WACOG 2024 Regional Priority Projects:

The massive levels of under-investment in our highways and roads has occurred over decades. ADOT’s current long-range transportation plan identified $53.3 billion in needs on our state highway system and only $22.8 billion in expected revenues. Local street systems are facing comparable shortfalls. RTAC will continue to strive to bridge that gap and increase the permanent revenue streams dedicated to funding our transportation infrastructure.

However, we recognize that, while a majority of state lawmakers are not quite ready to enact such measures, they do acknowledge the need to invest more in our highways and roads, and have increasingly supported directing one-time funding to infrastructure. While this process of “earmarking” general fund revenues for specific projects has helped alleviate the funding gap, it bypasses the programming processes that have been established at the state, regional and local levels to prioritize and make the best investment choices for the development and maintenance of our highways and roads.

The Western Arizona Council of Governments Technical Advisory Committee has identified the following projects of regional significance to propose for Arizona State surplus funding during the 2024 Legislative session:

WACOG 2024 Regional Priority Projects Story Map

Project Information Sheets:

Vicksburg Road Improvement Project (La Paz County)

Hancock Road Resurfacing Project (Bullhead City)

Airway Avenue Roadway Improvements Project (City of Kingman)

Bank Street Hard Surfacing (Mohave County)

Mohave Avenue and Redwood Access Road Resurfacing (Colorado City)

Eastern Street Improvements (City of Kingman)

Rancho Santa Fe T. I. (ADOT / City of Kingman)



Should you have any questions, please contact WACOG’s Transportation Planner at:

Western Arizona Council of Governments

Transportation Planning Services

Transportation Planner

Western Arizona Council of Governments

208 N. 4th Street

Kingman, AZ 86401

928-377-1070 Office