Studies & Plans

WACOG undertakes various initiatives to study and develop short-range plans benefitting regional stakeholders. Our team of professionals also collaborates with state and local jurisdictions sponsoring their own projects.

WACOG 2023 Strategic Regional Transportation Safety Plan Update:

The Strategic Regional Transportation Safety Plan Update will modernize the comprehensive Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) originally completed in 2018 for the Western Arizona Council of Governments Region. The Strategic Regional Transportation Safety Plan Update will re examine regional objectives and strategies proposed in 2018 to serve the need of the public safely and practically. It is also the intent of this plan update to serve as support for future Federal & State grant funds

WACOG Regional Transit Implementation Plan:

The Western Arizona Council of Governments (WACOG) is starting the Regional Transit Implementation Plan to assess the feasibility of region-wide transit services to better connect people to the places they need to go. Take the survey by January 15th and be entered to Win a $25 grocery gift card!

Bullhead Area Transit System Short and Long Range Plan:

Bullhead Area Transit System is currently conducting a short/long-range plan focused on their transit services. To see more information about the Bullhead-specific project, go here .

City of Kingman Transportation Master Plan:

The City of Kingman is currently performing a Transportation Master Plan update and is conducting an online survey to gather data from drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users in the area.  Please visit WWW.KINGMANTMP.COM for more information.


WACOG Strategic Transportation Safety Plan:

WACOG Final Draft STSP 2018 

WACOG Strategic Transportation Safety Plan – Heat Maps 2006 to 2015:

WACOG Crash Maps

Mohave County Driver Impairment

Mohave County No Restraint

Mohave County Speeding Conditions

Mohave County Speeding Unlawful

LaPaz County Driver Impairment

LaPaz County No Restraint

LaPaz County Speeding Conditions

LaPaz County Speeding Unlawful

Should you have any questions, please contact WACOG’s Transportation Planner at:

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