Rapid Rehousing

Western Arizona Council of Governments’ Rapid Rehousing program helps families become stabilized using specialized services and by connecting them to local community resources to help reach the client’s fullest potential. Through our case managers, each individual household is assessed based on their specific needs. Appropriate plans are then determined to assist the family become self sufficient.

Our case managers work alongside with the families to create realistic goals to be met and plan steps to reach such goals. For those households eligible, appropriate services and/or benefits are identified, planned, obtained, provided, recorded, monitored, terminated and follow-up provided where and when appropriate. Below is a listing of certain aspects of this process.

  • Client Engagement
  • Developing & Monitoring Case Plan
  • Closure of the Case Plan
  • Outside Resources
  • Evaluation & Planning
  • 101 Budgeting

Our Rapid Rehousing program through our dedicated case managers and community resources assist families obtain housing, maintain housing, and keep those connections to their community.

Yuma County
Due to very limited funding we have allocated funds to serve a specific population through a referral process with local shelters. For additional questions please contact us at (928) 782-1886.