One of the core beliefs of A Hand Up Housing Counseling is that financial education, including budgeting, saving and credit education, can truly strengthen our community and improve lives. Beyond simply understanding how to create a spending plan, the path to nearly every “big picture” goal begins with making smart money decisions. The ability to comfortably and confidently handle money reduces stress when making the major financial decisions that we all face throughout our lives.


Financial education is an empowering tool that should be available to everyone in our community. That is why WACOG offers in-person financial workshops on Building a Better Spending Plan and Understanding Credit on a monthly basis in both our Yuma and Kingman offices. Our passionate and experienced advisors will provide tools and resources that will motivate, encourage and challenge you to achieve positive financial behavior changes.


Class Schedule (coming soon)


For more information, or to make an appointment, contact:

In Yuma or La Paz Counties: Martha Marquez: (928) 217-7126 (

In Yuma or La Paz Counties, Spanish: Martha Marquez: (928) 217-7126 (

In Mohave County: Corena Martinez 928-377-1063


You may also open and download a Preliminary Assessment and email it to any of the above-listed counselors.  Preliminary Assessment