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The WACOG Transit Planning Region encompasses all of La Paz and Mohave Counties, covering a total of 18,100 square miles, with an estimated combined population of 224,571 as of the 2010 Census. WACOG collaborates with regional partners to improve the accessibility of transit services for seniors, individuals with disabilities and the general public.  This collaboration is led by WACOG’s regional Mobility Manager.


Within the WACOG region providers of public transit are located in two of the major population centers  Bullhead City and  Kingman and two rural areas Peach Springs and Quartzsite. These programs are open to the general public and receive financial assistance from the ADOT/FTA 5311 Rural Public Transportation Program.

All other transit needs in the WACOG region are provided primarily through private non-profit agencies and local public entities who offer transportation services to vulnerable populations which include seniors and individuals with disabilities.  These programs receive financial assistance from the ADOT/FTA 5310 Coordinated Mobility Program.


Date/Time Location Training Title Contact Person

10AM – 3PM

Mohave County ARC Defensive Driving

Felicia Mondragon 


Training Resource Guide: WACOG 2018 Update Coordinated Council Training Resource Guide

Coordinated Council:

Transit programs within the WACOG region who apply/receive funding from the 5300 Grant Programs are required to be active in the WACOG Coordinated Council which meets regularly throughout the year.  The purpose of the WACOG Coordinated Council is to:

  1. Provide input to WACOG’s Transportation Department and ADOT regarding various transit issues in the WACOG region, covering La Paz and Mohave Counties. The council provides goals and objectives each year in order to ensure coordination of transit activities; identification of gaps in service; coordination opportunities; funding opportunities; and advocacy for the need of services in areas underserved.
  2. The Council will provide a forum for the exchange of information between ADOT, WACOG, local governments, tribes, and non-profit transit dependent agencies.

WACOG Coordinated Council Membership list

Coordination Council Meetings:

Date Location Agenda Minutes
 OCTOBER 11, 2018  Bullhead City – 2355 Trane Rd. (City Offices)  Agenda October 11, 2018   Minutes October 11, 2018
 DECEMBER 13, 2018  Kingman – 3715 Sunshine Dr. (Mohave County Pub. Works) Agenda December 13, 2018
 FEBRUARY  14, 2019  Lake Havasu City – 900 London Bridge Rd. (Transit Bldg.)
 APRIL 18, 2019  Bullhead City – 2355 Trane Rd. (City Offices)
 JUNE 13, 2019  Kingman – 3715 Sunshine Dr. (Mohave County Pub. Works)
 AUGUST 8, 2019  Lake Havasu City – 900 London Bridge Rd. (Transit Bldg.)

Prior year Agendas and Minutes: Contract Year 2017 Agenda and Minutes

2016 Transportation Human Services Coordination Plan:

The Transportation Human Service Coordination Plan identifies the transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.  The Coordination Plan is a prioritization of transportation services for funding and implementation through the available programs throughout the WACOG region within Mohave and La Paz Counties.  The plan must be developed and approved through a process that includes seniors, people with disabilities, and transportation providers, among others. The plan is adopted and annually updated on a 5-year planning cycle.  The current plan was created and adopted in 2016 and will be updated through 2021.  The plan must also be coordinated, to the maximum extent possible, with the transportation programs of other federal departments and agencies. All COGs in Arizona must have a Coordination Plan in place in order to be eligible for funding through the Section 5300 program. In addition, the FAST Act requires that all funded projects are “included in” and “derived from” a coordinated human services transportation plan. 

WACOG Transportation Coordination Plan 2016

WACOG Transportation Coordination Plan 2017 Update

WACOG Transportation Coordination Plan 2018 Update

WACOG Transportation Coordination Plan 2019 & 2020 Update


Arizona Transit Association –

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