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Housing Counseling

A Hand Up - Housing Counseling Program

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved WACOG as a Local Housing Counseling Agency. WACOG provides counseling in the areas of Mortgage Delinquency/Default Resolution, Financial Management (Budget and Credit), Post-Purchase Non-Delinquency and Reverse Mortgage.

The Home Affordable Modification program (HAMP) is a federal program which helps eligible homeowners with loan modifications on their mortgage debt. The program was created to help millions of struggling homeowners at risk of foreclosure to work with lenders to lower their monthly mortgage payment.

If you are employed and still struggling to make your mortgage payment you may be eligible for HAMP. HAMP may lower your mortgage payment to 31% of your verifiable gross income.

  • Are you delinquent on mortgage payments? 

  • Are you facing foreclosure? 

  • Have you suffered a financial hardship that is making it difficult to stay in your home?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you may qualify for a loan modification.  Please download and complete the PDF documents below. Call Sherri Tate (English) at 928-217-7161 or Regina Gonzalez (Spanish) at 928-217-7160 for an appointment. Counseling is confidential and free of charge.


Buying a home involves so much more than just saving money for a down payment! If a new home is your goal let Western Arizona Council of Governments (WACOG) help you make that home a reality. Our homebuyer education is a proven way to not just be a better-informed homebuyer, but to also be a more successful homeowner. We offer Homebuyer educational classes on-line or in person.  All our educational classes are HUD Approved and meet FHA and IDA program requirements.

For our next in person Homebuyer Education Class call Sherri Tate at 928-217-7161 (Yuma), Joyce Lucero at 928-377-1058 (Kingman) or Regina Gonzalez at 928-217-7160 (Spanish).

Our on-line course is offered through Framework, an on-line, comprehensive program designed to help you navigate every step of the buying process. To register online, visit us at: WACOG Online Housing Counseling: Framework

If you’d like to learn more first, watch this short overview video 

To speak with someone about Framework, contact Sherri Tate at 928-217-7161.


This online Homebuyer Education Course will help prepare you for becoming a successful homeowner. The online class allows you to complete it at your own pace – log in as many times as you need. Animated videos cover all of the materials with easy-to-read content, highlighted keywords, and quizzes throughout to ensure understanding. Participants who complete this class receive a Certificate of Completion that fulfills the education requirement for most first time homebuyer programs. When you have successfully completed the course, you will receive information on how to contact one of our Housing Counselors regarding your Certificate of Completion. The fee for the class is $99.00. Click here to register:  http://ehomeamerica.org/wacog


Be Smart…do your Home Work!

Whether you own your home or rent, our Home Work DIY program can help you tackle those little jobs before they become nightmare projects. WACOG has partnered with State Farm Insurance to bring you a new series of classes on DIY projects that will provide hands-on opportunities to learn how to keep your home well-maintained. If you are a homeowner you will learn how to do those small jobs yourself, such as removing your old “popcorn” ceiling texture, changing a lock or fixing a toilet.  We’ll also help you figure out when it’s time to call a contractor and how to avoid getting scammed. If you are a renter we’ll help you learn how to make your rental unit look like new again. With our Home Work DIY classes you can learn how to patch those holes in the wall or fix those ripped screens. You’ll also learn energy saving tips from our Weatherization department and you’ll talk with experts about how to choose appropriate insurance or home equity loans and budget tips to help you save for those larger expenses.

Be Smart…do your Home Work!  Call our offices today to register for a class.  In Yuma call Sherri Tate at 928-217-7161; in Kingman, Joyce Lucero at 928-377-1058; or for Spanish speaking, Regina Gonzalez at 928-217-7160.


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