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WACOG provides community outreach to educate, counsel and advocate for those in our community who have experienced housing discrimination or who would like more information on Fair Housing. 




  • Refusing to sell, rent, or show available housing
  • Only showing housing in areas where other minorities live
  • Harassment or intimidation
  • Housing advertisements with discriminatory statements or displaying no minorities in group scenes
  • Differing terms for identical dwellings
  • Extensive questioning prior to offering or providing information about the availability of housing
  • Being told the dwelling is not appropriate for your family
  • Terms of availability change between phone contact and your visit
  • You are not contacted after the acceptance of your application
  • House or apartment has an “available” sign but you are told it is not available
  • Refusing to make reasonable accommodation or allow a modification to make the dwelling accessible for a person with a disability
  • Refusing to finance the purchase of a home or to write property insurance, or offering non-standard and unfavorable terms


Joseph Saul, 2018 Fair Housing Poster Contest Winner                    


If you feel you have a Fair Housing issue and your rights have been violated, contact A Hand Up Housing Counseling. We will meet with you about your situation and provide you with expert guidance.

Fair housing is not an option, it’s the law and WACOG Housing Counselors are here to assist.


For more information, or to make an appointment, contact:

In Yuma or La Paz Counties: Martha Marquez: (928) 217-7126 (martham@wacog.com)

In Yuma or La Paz Counties, Spanish: Martha Marquez: (928) 217-7126 (martham@wacog.com)

In Mohave County: Corena Martinez: (928) 377-1063 (CorenaM@wacog.com)


You may also open and download a Preliminary Assessment and email it to any of the above-listed counselors.  Preliminary Assessment



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