Online Steps English

Instructions how to submit online.

Step 1

1. Print or email Landlord Verification Form and ask your Landlord to complete the form.

Landlord Verification Form

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Landlord Verification Form must be complete and signed by your Landlord prior to moving on to step 2. Once you start the Pre-Qualification Packet in Step 2-4, you must have all your documents ready; you will not be able to save and come back to the application.

Step 2

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! You must have the completed Landlord Verification Form and all other documents ready to upload when you start Step 2-4. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR PRE-QUALIFICATION packet and come back later.

2. Upload All required documentation:

  • Completed Landlord Verification Form
  • Proof of Financial Hardship/Crisis due to COVID-19 (such as Termination Letter)
  • Applicant’s Driver’s License or other picture ID (If name on ID is different than name on lease or Packet documents, provide documentation such as Divorce Decree linking identity)
  • Rental Lease Agreement – Full Document (Applicant name must be listed on the Lease or a signatory on the Lease)
  • 5-day or Eviction Notice (If applicable)
  • Utility Bills if applying for utilities (Electric/Gas/Water/Sewer/Trash Disposal fee)
  • Proof of income; Income Documents for ALL household members. SUBMIT: 2020 Tax Return/W-2/1099 OR Income from the last 2 months (i.e., paystubs, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, pension, etc.)

Step 3

3. Complete and e-sign the Fillable Pre-Qualification Packet.

Step 4

Submit completed application forms and documents (Submit button)