Print & Drop Off Steps

Instructions how to submit by PRINTING & EMAIL OR DROP OFF

Step 1


Step 2

2. Scan and email ALL required documentation:

  • Completed Landlord Verification Form
  • Proof of Financial Hardship/Crisis due to COVID-19 (such as Termination Letter)
  • Applicant’s Driver’s License or other picture ID (If name on ID is different than name on lease or Packet documents, provide documentation such as Divorce Decree linking identity)
  • Rental Lease Agreement – Full Document (Applicant name must be listed on the Lease or a signatory on the Lease)
  • 5-day or Eviction Notice (If applicable)
  • Utility Bills if applying for utilities (Electric/Gas/Water/Sewer/Trash Disposal fee)
  • Proof of income; Income Documents for ALL household members. SUBMIT: 2020 Tax Return/W-2/1099 OR Income from the last 2 months (i.e., paystubs, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, pension, etc.)

Step 3

3. Complete and sign the Pre-Qualification Packet.

Step 4

4. Send one email with all required documentation pdf. attachments to


A Drop Off Box is available with external access 7 days a week 24 hours per day. Located to the right of the entrance of the building at:

1235 S. Redondo Center Drive
Yuma, AZ 85365