Community Action Board

The tri-partite Community Action Board is comprised of one-third elected officials, one-third low income representatives, and one-third private community representatives.

Jeff Tipton (Bullhead) (CHAIR) Elected Official Mohave County
Starr BearCat (Quartzsite) Elected Official La Paz County
Gloria Torres (San Luis) Elected Official Yuma County
Delfina Sloan (Yuma) Low Income Representative Yuma County
Vivian Hartless (Parker) Low Income Representative La Paz County
Susan Kokkinen (Lake Havasu) Low Income Representative Mohave County
Vickie Bornt (Wellton) Vice Chair 11/2022 Private/Sector Yuma County
Shanana Rain Golden-Bear (Quartzsite) Private/Sector La Paz County
Joan McDermott (Lake Havasu) Private/Sector Mohave County